American Express Global Travel Card

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American Express has been the global leader in travel currency services for over a century. With so many different alternatives to pay when travelling overseas, they decided to launch a superior pre-paid card in the Australian market. Up until this point, all pre-paid travel cards in the Australian market had numerous fee’s attached to them. Using these cards overseas at ... Read More

NRL Footy Plates

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The RTA of late had been looking to capitalise on the success other states had with personalised number plates bearing the owners team. They teamed up with the NRL to create team based plates aimed at die-hard fans of rugby league. Rather than an expensive TV campaign, we suggested that the RTA invest in a sponsored segment on Channel 9’s ... Read More

Barnardos Donation Campaign

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Barnardos is Australia’s leading child welfare agency. Through a diverse range of integrated welfare programs and services Barnardos is committed to helping protect the lives of thousands of Australia’s children and young people who suffer the traumas of neglect and abuse and the humiliation of poverty and homelessness. Most of these children are innocent victims of desperate and dire situations. ... Read More

Schizophrenia Research Bank

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INSIGHT Schizophrenia is the third most common form of disability, but probably the most terrifying. For the sufferer the terror comes from having your own thoughts turn against you. For friends and family, the terror is knowing there is, as yet, no cure. A project begun by Schizophrenia Research Institute would commission the largest brain study ever. It aims to recruit 2,000 people with schizophrenia, ... Read More